Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hat trick by a senior Japanese Maddog

Posting a story from a Japanese Maddog. I have not actually met him but soulds like he is a good bowler. Hide

Dear David;

How are you? Now you have a new member of family with you, the holidays must be more festive, or hectic? Yet another year is about to end. It seems a year getting shorter as I'm getting older.

How was your cricket season? This year I didn?ft play well at all, even in my low standard. I didn?ft bat often. When I did, I stayed at crease uselessly without scoring many runs. I bowled inconsistently with a lot of full tosses and long hops. However, surprise was installed in our last match of the season in early
November. My bowling started poorly as usual, giving up lots of runs. In my third over, the last over I was allotted, I was hit for two 6?fs, no ball and another 6. And then I got a hat trick. Have you ever seen anyone hit for three 6?fs and then completed a hat trick? I think those three balls were the best balls I ever bowled in any cricket match and certainly the most satisfying. Three identical balls weren?ft freighted but dipped in the end, pitched on the leg-stump and hit top of the
off-stump.(That is how I saw?@(imagined?)) Later my ?ekeeper told me that I bowled 4 decent balls for the whole season, including those hat-trick balls. My skipper told me he hoped I was going to start the next season how I ended this year, but my team-mates' consensus was that I had bowled the last good ball left in me. I hope they were wrong.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year.