Thursday, September 21, 2006

Frank for (State) Senate By NK

Went to a fundraiser for Frank Farricker's State Senate campaign at the Bubble Lounge in Tribeca last night. Depsite running against a republican incumbent of 8 terms, he believes that his chances are pretty good, and his campaign is going well.

Apparently his opponent is not campaigning, despite a track record of not authoring any legislation over the last 16 years!

Not only does Frank have a website, campaign workers and an aggressive meet and greet campaign (5am at Old Greenwich station), but he will be on local cable soon too!

He hopes to stop by the final on Saturday - and we will work on a press event as part of the over 40 vs under 40 game on 10/28.

If you want to help Frank win his seat, go to the website to make a donation.


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