Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Neil H - our multitalented captain

I found an article in the website of Japan's Indian based cricket team, confirming our captain Neil Harrion's multi skills. Not only being a an excellent captain and a slow bowler who bowls like "throwing a pie", as quoted by one opposition, he is reportedly an excellent unmpire. Please see the link below where Neil Harrison umpires in the women's international cricket games between Japan and Papua New Genia. Neil, we thought your recent trip to Japan was for a conference, and not for following Japanse girls!

Also, take look at another article on the same page taking about some international athletes like Kapil Dev, Mike Gatting, Dion Nash, Pat Symcox, Devon Malcolm, Ray Bright, Clive Rice and South African rugby World Cup winner, Joel Stransky have recently got together for a charity cricket game in Tokyo. Sorry, Tony and Keith, I had the invitations from Japanese Cricket Association for you guys but I failed to forward it to you.



At 9:47 AM, Blogger Kaustuv Banerjee said... that's what Neil went there for


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